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avast_logoavast! Free Mobile Security is a security solution specifically designed for Android devices. It consists of an Antivirus scanner to protect your smartphone from viruses and other malware, but also an Anti-Theft solution.

avast! Free Mobile Security provides several features not currently found in other leading products. Privacy reports, Call/SMS filtering, an Application Manager, and several remote options.

The antivirus scanner is based on a database of known virus signatures, which is regularly updated with the latest virus definitions to make sure you are protected from the very latest threats. On rooted phones, there is also the possibility to install a firewall, to restrict whether and how installed applications can access the internet.

The Anti-Theft feature allows you to control your phone remotely by sending simple SMS commands, for example to lock the phone or activate a siren. Alternatively, your phone can periodically and silently notify you of the phone’s location, or forward details of both incoming and outgoing calls and text messages to another phone.

A key feature of Anti-Theft is that it works in stealth mode so that once activated, it is completely invisible to a potential thief and who would therefore be unaware of its activity. Furthermore, commands sent remotely, whether calls or SMS, will not be visible and will leave no trace on the stolen phone.

Even if the thief becomes aware of its presence, the Theft-Aware feature cannot be removed easily. And if the SIM card is changed, you will receive notification of the new number so that you will still be able to use the remote control commands.

Features of avast! Free Mobile Security:

· Virus Scanner
· Privacy Advisor
· Application Management
· SMS and Call Filtering
· Firewall – rooted phones only
· Web Shield
· avast! Anti-Theft Integration

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