WinRAR 4.00

WinRARWinRAR is one of the most easy to use archive compression tools I have ever met. And most of files can be easily extracted or compressed, especially it did a really good job when compressing larger file. So if you need to compress large files frequently, WinRAR is a good choice.

WinRAR is a powerful compressed package manager. This software can be used for backup your data, cut the size of the E-mail attachments, solution from the Internet download on compression RAR, ZIP and other documents, and it can create RAR and ZIP format file.

WinRAR can decrypt .cab.arj.lzh.tar.gz.ace.uue.bz2.jar.iso.z and so on many kinds of types of files.

In winRAR you can get in a ZIP file before with the ZIP and RAR two compressed tools of the three kinds of compression under the way of probably compression rate. It can compress rate high and relatively few resources occupation, fixed compression, multimedia compression and more volumes from release compression.

In one words, WinRAR is a catch-all player that can handle anything.

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